Remote Monitoring for HSE and CBRNE
Vendor-Agnostic / Connect to ANY Sensor
Real-Time Data and Alarm Notifications


Connect ANY HSE or CBRNE Sensor to the Cloud

All-Inclusive Pricing Includes Cellular Plan and Alarm Callouts

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ViaCell-1000 | Cellular Modem for HSE & CBRNE

Everything you need for connecting HSE and CBRNE sensors to the Cloud

  • All-Inclusive Pricing (includes Cellular Plans, Alarm Callouts, and Dashboard Access)

  • Vendor-Agnostic – Connect to ANY Instrument or Sensor

  • Monitoring for Heat Stress, Water Level, CBRNE Instruments, Air Quality, Wind Direction, and More

  • Alarm Callout / Alarm Notifications via SMS, Email, and / or Voice Messages

  • 4G / LTE Operation

  • RS232 Serial Data Port

  • Ethernet with PoE

  • GPS Tracking

  • Wide Operating Temp (-40C to +85C)

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Cloud-Connect ViaCell-1000 Applications

Hazardous Gas Monitoring

Monitor for gas leaks and toxic gases (H2S, CH4, CO, and more) with the ViaCell-1000. Receive real-time alerts when a high-level threshold has been reached.

Heat Stress Monitoring

Connect your Heat Stress Monitor to the Cloud. The ViaCell-1000 is ideal for monitoring WBGT, Humidex, and Heat Index.

Weather Monitoring

The ViaCell-1000 can monitor wind speed, wind direction, temperature, Humidity, Humidex, barometric pressure, and more. Aggregate all weather sensor data in a single dashboard.

Agriculture Monitoring

The ViaCell-1000 can retrieve data from agriculture sensors, allowing EnviroLive to deliver insight for immediate action or storing data for future decisions.
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EnviroLive Dashboard

EnviroLive’s server collects real-time data through the ViaCell-1000, allowing you to access the data through our dashboard system.

Trending & Data

EnviroLive’s Cloud-Ready system collects remote data to provide daily, hourly, or real-time reports. Our charting system, while feature-rich, is also easy-to-use, allowing clients to review and analyze data with powerful trending features and historical data retrieval.

Alarm Callouts

Voice, SMS, or Email alarm notifications provides you with real-time alerts when any alarm conditions is reached. Our escalating callout system sends notifications to you and your team to ensure the safety of your on-site personnel.
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