Cloud-Connect & Cloud-Ready Solutions

EnviroLive provides turnkey solutions for your monitoring needs. EnviroLive can work with existing wireless or wired communications to retrieve data. For applications where communications do not exist, our Cloud-Connect and Cloud-Ready packages are the ideal solutions to bridge your remote field data to the cloud.

All-in-One Remote Monitoring Hardware, ideal for monitoring Sensors with Digital and/or Analog Inputs.

Heat Stress Monitor with Cloud Access
Heat Stress WBGT Packages

3M QUESTemp Heat Stress Remote Monitoring System.

Humidex Cloud Package

Humidex, Temperature, Humidity Remote Monitoring System.

EVM Monitoring Package

EVM Air Quality & Air Particulate Remote Monitoring System

EnviroLive Dashboard

EnviroLive’s products and packages are all cloud-ready, providing a complete easy-to-install solutions for HSE & CBRNE monitoring.
EnviroLive’s dashboard is fully-featured with powerful graphing features, voice / SMS / email alarm callouts, and data import and export support, all packaged in an all-inclusive package.

HSE & CBRNE Applications

CBRNE Monitoring

Retrieve data from any CBRNE device without the need for a specialized edge device. Secure, plug-and-play system allows government agencies and first responders to easily view remote data anytime, anywhere.

Heat Stress Monitoring

Monitor heat stress levels for military training, athletes, and heat-sensitive manufacturing. Our Heat Stress Packages are complete plug-and-play systems that provides a visual light bar indicator and alarming capabilities.

Hazardous Gas Monitoring

Monitor for gas leaks and toxic gases (H2S, CH4, CO, and more) with EnviroLive’s remote monitoring systems. Receive real-time alerts when a high-level threshold has been reached.

Air Quality Monitoring

View and retrieve comprehensive data from sensors deployed for forest fires and pollution. EnviroLive’s monitoring system works with 3M EVMs, TSI DustTraks, Aeroqual Dust Sentries, and more.

Water Level Monitoring

Get water level and tank level data directly on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. EnviroLive’s level monitoring is ideal for remote water wells, irrigation canals, or tanks.

Weather Monitoring

EnviroLive’s cloud solution can monitor wind speed, wind direction, temperature, Humidity, Humidex, barometric pressure, and more.

Sound Level Monitoring

EnviroLive provides sound monitoring for mining sites, quarries, oil and gas sites, construction sites, and more. Historical sound level data is invaluable if a conflict were to arise regarding compliance with sound pollution laws.

Agriculture Monitoring

Automate your agriculture operations. Our technology provides real-time measurements and reports polled from any sensor and equipment, delivering insight for immediate action or storing data for future decisions.

Seismic Monitoring

With EnviroLive’s cloud solution, seismographers and other motion sensing devices can be brought back directly to your desktop or mobile device in real-time, providing 1-second reports on current seismic activity.

One-Stop Complete Monitoring Solution

EnviroLive is a one-stop solution for all your remote monitoring product needs. Our solutions provide monitoring for a wide-variety of sensors and measurements:
  • Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Humidity, Chemical Levels for Industrial Process Monitoring Applications

  • Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, Sound Levels, Water Levels for Environmental Monitoring Applications
  • Oil Leaks, Remote Site Surveillance, Water Levels, Remote Safety Surveillance, Remote Office Security for Remote Surveillance
  • H2S, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen, Methane, SO2, Benzene for Toxic Gas Monitoring
  • Remote docking station reports, Heat Stress, Sound Levels, Air Quality for Industrial Hygiene Monitoring Applications

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